1. R

    How do I route all Jail traffic through OpenVPN on FIB1

    Hello FreeBSD users, this is my fist post, I'm still learning so please be gentle :) I am trying to setup a jail (using ioCage) so that all of its traffic goes through our VPN. I have already setup OpenVPN which connects to our VPN service without issue. However the I seem unable 😕 to...
  2. X

    PF pf and fib routing for wireguard

    I use the net/wireguard port for my VPN needs but have a problem if I want to connect to the same IP as the endpoint through the tunnel, because a static route is automatically added for obvious reasons to send this traffic directly rather than through the VPN. Now one way around this is to use...
  3. icecoke

    strange behavior of setfib since FreeBSD 12.0

    Hi everyone! We are using jails in FreeBSD since years (9.x and up) without problems. Since then we have two network cards in the (xen virtualized) machines, where one is private ( and one is public (here changed to To have the routing done, we use setfib for the public...
  4. L

    setfib not working with tun interfaces?

    Hello, I've a 12.0 STABLE kernel compiled with: options IPFIREWALL options IPFIREWALL_DEFAULT_TO_ACCEPT options IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE options IPDIVERT options DUMMYNET options HZ=1000 and: root@freebsd:~ # cat /boot/loader.conf net.fibs=2 My network configuration: root@freebsd:~ # ifconfig hn0...
  5. S

    multiple default gateways

    Hello, My adsl connection being slow, I bought a usb 4G key and each ip is provided by dhcp. To be able to register both default gateways and use them in a next step, I wrote /etc/rc.conf.d/networking like so: ifconfig_igb0="DHCP fib 0" ifconfig_ue0="SYNCDHCP fib 1" But setfib 1 netstat -rn...
  6. Understudy

    Multiple nics and setfib

    Hi All, I am looking to setup two physical nics with two different ip addresses and two different gateways. The basics: 10.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE #0 r286666: Wed Aug 12 19:31:38 UTC 2015 i386 I am looking to make one nic...