1. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved importing zfs dataset from an external drive to new machine

    Hi I have just installed Freebsd on my old Macmini and want to transfer zfs datasets from a usb drive to the macmini I just need to copy across some data and set up a few config files to get macmini set up, so i can finally ditch osx and go full freebsd on all my machines Is it possible to do...
  2. M

    Solved ZFS Snapshot send/recv fails when triggered via cronjob

    Hi, I have a script that runs every night and basically does the following (with some logging around it and some checks to see, if some older snapshots exist) zfs snapshot -r $snapshot_today zfs send -R -i $snapshot_yesterday $snapshot_today | zfs recv -Fdu $destination The backup works, if...
  3. stratacast1

    Having troubles restoring zfs snapshot backups

    Hey everyone! I am pretty new to learning some of the cool things zfs can do, and I find after much research I am still having serious troubles with my backup method I am attempting to do. Right now I have a zfs pool with multiple subvolumes, and my idea is to take a snapshot of that pool with...