1. aragats

    Solved DTC segmentation fault after upgrading to 12.0

    Is it only me? I'm using packages, but tried building from ports with the same result: sysutils/dtc causes segfault on any source without any intermediate output. I cannot compiled my .dts (flattened device tree source) files I used to for 3 year... Thanks for directions!
  2. A

    Linux Binary Compatibility - Constant segfaults?

    So I've been trying to get a linux binary running on my FreeBSD server for a little bit now. I've loaded all the correct modules that were stated. Here's the output of kldstat: [root@bsd ~]# kldstat Id Refs Address Size Name 1 28 0xffffffff80200000 1f6e480 kernel 2 1...
  3. J

    login problem

    pkg i386 installing seamonkey _4 > _5 on my desktop [ I am writing from a backup ] has segfaulted seamonkey. As opera does not connect to the forums, I tried using Firefox. It seems firefox won't allow '2' etc to be entered, so I cannot log into the forums as it is in my username...