security baseline system configuration

  1. I

    Alternatives to OPIE ?

    OPIE was a "built-in" one time password solution in FreeBSD. Manual page OPIE(4) notes: The latest FreeBSD handbook has removed "one time password" section. I understand OPIE been deprecated due to less strength of security for modern internet. But one time password as an idea is still a good...
  2. Wravoc

    My FreeBSD hardening script

    Hello all, my first post! Been using FreeBSD for a week or two now and I wanted to secure the simple things right away as is my nature. I wrote a Python script that can set and re-set: rc.conf sysctl.conf loader.conf login.conf Along with a set of mitigations that I've gathered over the...
  3. E

    FreeBSD Security Primer?

    Hello All, I am familiar with Linux and still learning in that realm. I am very new to FreeBSD and not very familiar with it. In the linux realm I have been taught to always at a minimum turn on SeLinux, iptables and eliminate packages, services, or ports that are not required. With FreeBSD...