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    Disaster strikes - SeaMonkey removed from ports tree

    Without warning, like most disasters, SeaMonkey was deleted from the ports tree overnight. No note in UPDATING which I check before each port upgrade run. I'm using the same mail spool dating back to Netscape Communicator on Windows NT in 1996. Fear not, I've rescued my SeaMonkey port from the...
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    login problem

    pkg i386 installing seamonkey _4 > _5 on my desktop [ I am writing from a backup ] has segfaulted seamonkey. As opera does not connect to the forums, I tried using Firefox. It seems firefox won't allow '2' etc to be entered, so I cannot log into the forums as it is in my username...
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    Solved pop3s failure (qpopper, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail)

    Attempting to retrieve email via qpopper with TLS/SSL (pop3s on port 995, plain text password) enabled using the SeaMonkey and Apple Mail mail clients fails with the qpopper log showing the same failure mode: Apr 11 22:47:24 shadow qpopper[56980]: OpenSSL error during handshake Apr 11 22:47:24...