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    FreeBSD BananaPi SDcard u-boot, sector alignment and stripesize - HowTo and DontKnowHowTo +Resume

    Hello BSDler, my first post here in the BSD area at all. Please be patient. O:‑) I used FreeBSD before in some virtual environments, compiled simple applications / driver. But not that much. Instead, I have several years of experience in linux. Just as a sideinfo about me. I want to use...
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    UFS SD Card system disk is super slow on Raspberry Pi 1 B+ (armv6l)

    I have installed an official FreeBSD 13-RELEASE on Raspberry Pi 1 B+ (armv6l) with a Goodram Class 10 16GB SD Card (100 MBps R / 20 MBps W), yet the disk read/write speed is super slow (186 KBps): diskinfo -tv /dev/mmcsd0 /dev/mmcsd0 512 # sectorsize 15634268160...