sd card

  1. H

    Usb and sd card not mounting.

    Usb and sd cards won't mount, followed other forums posted and wouldn't work, I put usbd_enable="YES" in rc.conf and now it tells me with xconsole if it's plugged in or not.
  2. J

    Unsure how to Making a SD Card Device Driver for FreeBSD without block device

    I want to make a sd card reader for FreeBSD on a RPI3 for a project like a SD card kernal module. I know how SD card works as with Block Device but block device is gone. So, I would like any suggestion on how to build a sd card driver in freebsd for ARM architecture. Thanks! Is there a library...
  3. clawhammer

    Solved How much space do I need to run portsnap fetch extract?

    I have a 8GB sd card in the pi3 and it ran out of disk space before it even came close to finishing. I thought 8GB would be plenty. Can someone recommend me the correct microSD card size?
  4. D

    Bootloader on SD Card directing to another HDD?

    I've been really pulling my hair out with this one. Got a bit of a tricky hardware setup with SATA1-4 as raidz3, and SATA5 as the encrypted ZFS root os disk: The caveat being that I cannot boot from this drive via the BIOS when SATA1-4 are installed, so I need to boot to an SD card and have that...
  5. aragats

    VUB300 (USB wrapper for SDIO) how to?

    I'm trying to use vub300 USB-to-SDIO. I have their evaluation board. The driver is already in the system, detects the plugged in chip right away:$ dmesg | tail . . . . . ugen0.28: <Elan Digital Systems VUB300-1.20> at usbus0However, nothing happens when I insert an SD card in its slot. Also...