1. D

    ZFS Why does periodic(8) scrub ZFS every 35 days by default?

    In /etc/defaults/periodic.conf, there's this part about periodic ZFS scrubs: # 800.scrub-zfs daily_scrub_zfs_enable="NO" daily_scrub_zfs_pools="" # empty string selects all pools daily_scrub_zfs_default_threshold="35" # days between scrubs...
  2. byrnejb

    Solved zpool HEALTH fault

    I am preparing to replace a failing disk in a RAIDZ2 array. I received a heads up from our weekly HDD status report: - ZFS pool - HEALTH fault NAME SIZE ALLOC FREE CKPOINT EXPANDSZ FRAG CAP DEDUP HEALTH ALTROOT bootpool 1.98G 234M 1.76G...
  3. T

    ZFS ZFS scrub stalling - Windows VM with SQL server misbehaves

    Hi, I am running a FreeBSD 12.0 server with a few VMs. One of them is a Windows Server 2016 which homes a few software and an SQL database. The VMs all have a ZVOL assigned. If I start scrubbing the pool, first the scrubbing is really slow and if running sufficiently long will stall. The...
  4. F

    PF rules logic

    Hi everyone, I've had no problems with my PF rules for a while, until recently I installed FreeRADIUS. The problems I'm having now is that I don't seem to grasp the logic of PF rules. What I need is let in packets on port 1812 (radius) and block all the rest. Here is the ruleset I've created...
  5. pming

    ZFS Permanent errors in ZVOL / ZFS checksum error question

    Hello everyone, * It's me again * Today I have the following problem: I recently created a ZVOL to use it as a disk for a Windows VM with bhyve. It worked fine for a few days until some software reported I/O problems with that "disk". admin@server:~ % sudo zpool status -v tank Passwort...
  6. big_girl

    Solved Can errors be scrubbed later from a zfs mirror with one disk?

    Hello, I was reading this post for fun - ...and it made me curious to know if one has a simple two-disk zfs mirror set up, and: 1) one disk fails or is removed 2) while running on the one-disk degraded mirror, data errors get...