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    I need help in getting higher resolution to work on Xorg and KDE.

    I've just installed FreeBSD 13.3 on a new PC and I'm connecting it via DisplayPort to a widescreen monitor. I follwed the instructions to install X11 and KDE. KDE is indeed running. However, there is only a single resolution and everything appears very big. My motherboard supports up to 8K...
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    Unable to modify the screen resolution for console

    Hi, I’m trying to decrease the screen resolution for the console on my laptop which has a default resolution 1920x1080 ( 12.5 ‘’) booting in UEFI. At the end of the boot, I got a nice console very bright and clear but with it's very very small and makes the reading very complicated After...
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    Solved Screen resolution on Lenovo x220

    Hi, I've the similar problem of topic. The resolution set on my laptop by default is 1024x768, but the real resolution is 1366x768. I used Slim + Xfce4. I've no choice to change it in the appearance settings. I try to...
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    Issue with screen resolution

    Hello everyone, I am a new user to freebsd, but not to unix based OSes. I've used Linux for years but for various reasons I am switching to freebsd. Having said that, I'm having issues with screen resolution. I have searched through various forums, including this one and I'm just not finding...
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    Solved Screen resolution FreeBSD 12.0 Parallels VM

    Having installed FreeBSD-12.0 in a Parallels virtual machine on a 2018 Mac mini running Mojave 10.14.4, the screen resolution defaulted to 1024x768 which was less than ideal on a 24" monitor which does 1920x1080. After searching for hints I came across suggestions to use: mode X gop set X...