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    bhyve Adjusting or Preventing Screen height from shrinking when running bhyve VMs

    I usually expand my Terminal window to take the full height of the screen. After running a bhyve VM (e.g. OpenBSD) - running and after shutting down the VM - the usuable height of the Terminal screen/window became shortened. How can I prevent this? Note: There is no fbuf in my bhyve option and...
  2. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    X coexisting with 80x25 virtual consoles

    On 10.2-RELEASE, I quickly discovered that if I bring up X and want to go to a virtual console by pressing, say <Alt><F2>, I need to place into /boot/loader.conf: kern.vty=vtI discovered an unpleasant side effect, though. When I go from X to a virtual console, I don't get the old-fashioned...