1. giulianopz

    How to use custom EDID with X Server?

    Hi all, I've just installed FreeBSD (+ X Window System & GNOME) on a HP Prodesk 400 G1. It's an old minipc connected to an external monitor (with 1920x1080 resolution) via a VGA-HDMI converter. The converter works only in one direction, from the pc to the monitor, so the X Server cannot read...
  2. ronaldlees

    Odroid with scfb for X

    Having had good success with the scfb (actually wsfb) driver on NetBSD, I thought it'd be great to do the same thing on FreeBSD (actually NAS4free is on the test device) - using the latest FreeBSD src for the kernel build. Anyway, dmesg shows the framebuffer as: fb0: Meson8B Framebuffer on...