1. freezr

    Solved FreeBSD 14.0 wifi scanner issue

    Hi there, Xsane is not recognizing the WiFi scanner, this is the first time I have issues with the scanner. I tried to reinstall everything, including sane-airscan but nothing is happening. If I use a software called epsonscan2 and I provide the IP of the wifi printer it can find it: But...
  2. M

    Recommendation for a Multifunction Printer?

    I am looking for a multifunction printer that works flawlessly under FreeBSD, mainly for office use. Desired features are: LAN connectivity with embedded print server Duplex printing with CUPS support Duplex scanning with SANE support Laser vs ink not decided yet Color vs black & white not...
  3. P

    Solved Can't install scanner for Canon multifunction MG5750

    hello I have a problem when i try to install the scanner for the multifunction printer Canon MG5750 (wifi connection). I have downloaded the driver scangearmp2-source-3.20-1 from Canon Europe site. The compilation succeed and fail when i execute the make command I have this error /usr/bin/ld...
  4. French Fries

    FreeBSD vulnerability scan

    Dear friends, I switched only recently to FreeBSD from Debian GNU/Linux. Is there an equivalent of debsecan for FreeBSD? debsecan scans all installed packages and looks for vulnerabilities in the CVE database: Example: debsecan --suite=sid CVE-2017-11333...