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    Solved syscons configuration issue

    Hello, my problem is related with scrollbuffer size in my csh. I have figured out that i must use sc instead of vt, and already done it. Also I can increase my scrollback size using vidcontrol -h <number> command. The current problem is that I can't save this result after rebooting. Another...
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    Solved Can I switch between sc(4) and vt(4) without restarting?

    The title says pretty much everything. I want to switch between the two without restarting. Is it possible?
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    Can I use sc and not have the screen go blank when I exit Xorg?

    If I use sc, when I exit Xorg I get a blank screen. The handbook suggests I use vt, which works but doesn't have a screen saver. So I'd like to use sc. There is something that is not yet clear to me. Is it possible to use sc and not have the screen go blank after I exit Xorg? Just for the...
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    Can vt(4) turn off the screen after a period of inactivity?

    When I try to return from Xorg to pure console (either by killing Xorg or with ctrl-alt-f2) I get a blank screen. The handbook says enabling vt(4) will fix the problem. And it did. But then the screen saver wouldn't work: # from /etc/rc.conf saver="green" 10 months ago, someone asked this...