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    Solved Cannot connect to Samba share from Windows 10.

    I have been battling with a very strange issue all day (and evening) today. A month back, I set up a server (13.2-RELEASE) the main function of which is to serve files to Windows clients (samba416-4.16.11). There are about 6 PCs on the site and all have been connecting to the server without a...
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    Upgrade to Samba 4.16.11: cannot login as local user when joined to AD

    I Recently upgraded from Samba 4.13 to 4.16.11 on a FreeBSD stable 13.2 platform. When I join a domain there is a brief period in which I can log on as myself as a local unix user via ssh, but after an indeterminate period all such attempts fail. When the login attempts fail, a prompt does not...