1. R

    DWM st (suckless terminal) doesn't start under user account

    Experts, I am running DWM. I upgraded my laptop from FreeBSD 11.2 to 12.0. i was under root account until Icomplete my upgrade and installing programs using port. i have managed to install DWM, dmenu and other stuff. When I booted into my user account. When Itry to invoke suckless terminal by...
  2. B

    Closed Installing and launching rxvt-unicode

    This thread it's because I want to use x11/rxvt-unicode as WM. I was bothering to Trihexagonal with my questions. I'm really new in this: I only get successful installing and using i3-wm. ALL of the rest, I couldn't use them. This time I don't want to throw the towel. I saw what I can do with...
  3. rigoletto@

    URxvt: messed prompt.

    Hi, This is a problem I am experiencing since I started using x11/rxvt-unicode in Gentoo/Linux, and I still experience it in FreeBSD, unfortunately. Randomly, but very often, the prompt get very MESSED. The example in the picture is not the worse it can get. It seem to just happen when the...