1. nxjoseph

    Solved Trying to port Universal Android Debloater

    Hello. There is a tool called "Universal Android Debloater" and it is meant for debloating Android phones. I'm trying to port it but I am getting some errors. The program is written in Rust completely, so i thought it would be easy to port it but i guess there are some libraries/features being...
  2. plexinvise

    Cross-compiling Rust for aarch64 from amd64

    Hi there, I am trying to setup RUST cross compilation and building on AMD64/FreeBSD 14.rc3 for aarch64/FreeBSD 14.rc3. I am very new to cross compilation so not sure what details are needed, please let me know if something is missing. SO I have a project on Rust that I am trying to build for...
  3. nbari

    rust cargo openssl (vendored) how to use the SSL from the OS?

    Hi, any ideas on how to compile rust ports using the sys OpenSSL? For Linux to cross-compile when using musl ading this to Cargo.toml works: openssl = { version = "0.10", features = ["vendored"] } But when testing the port I using: poudriere testport -p default -j 14amd64 devel/gbump I get...
  4. B

    error: linking with `cc` failed: exit status: 1 when building lang/rust port

    Unable to build lang/rust compiler from ports. FreeBSD 12.4-RELEASE-p7 FreeBSD 12.4-RELEASE-p7 releng/12.4-n235836-69dcabf10d54 amd64 Please explain me, what is wrong? error: linking with `cc` failed: exit status: 1 = note: LC_ALL="C"...
  5. rafael_grether

    Solved lang/rust - Poudriere build - OOM Killer

    Hello folks, I'm absolutely done with lang/rust! lang/rust cannot be build on a medium machine (Intel Xeon Platinum 8259CL @ 2.5 GHz with 8Gb RAM + 8 Gb Swap), and after almost 5 hours building, gets OOM: pid 17504 (rustc), jid 117, uid 0, was killed: failed to reclaim memory pid 44305...
  6. M

    Poudriere insists on building lang/rust with just 1 job

    Hi, I am building packages with Poudriere on a hw.ncpu=24 machine and so far everything has been great in terms of parallelization. Up until it started bulding lang/rust. Processes spawned by poudriere bulk explicitly have --jobs=1 and -j 1 in them. It is going to take forever. Any ideas why...
  7. nerozero

    Solved Poudriere -> rust 5 hour build failed, 8GB ram + 8GB Swap is not enough to build rust....

    Hello, 5 hour build marathon - ended up like this: In /var/log/messages: May 27 17:33:15 backup kernel: swp_pager_getswapspace(10): failed May 27 17:57:08 backup kernel: swp_pager_getswapspace(29): failed May 27 22:29:30 backup kernel: swap_pager: out of swap space Now the question...
  8. nerozero

    Updating ports start pulling and building RUST without any reason

    Hi there, today I found that portmaster took too much time updating my port. After inspection I have found that I got lang/rust installed. Which I never asked for. pkg delete rust - passed without listing any depending port.... Is it possible to find which port requested lang/rust...
  9. D

    what we can do with rust is beyond what we can imagine

    Hello when I mentioned that rust can give us a good programming base I said in the way we can implement things, I see the FreeBSD kernel code for example is something very simple and something that can, if written easily. maybe you guys don't like a new idea, but i had a good idea and i need...
  10. T

    Other Cross Compiling Rust from Windows To FreeBSD

    I'm trying to cross compile Rust from Windows to FreeBSD. I am running into this when I add [target.x86_64-unknown-freebsd] linker = "rust-lld" to my config (searching online led me to believe rust-lld is a cross compiler I could use for this) led to = note: rust-lld: error: unable to...
  11. Spity

    How create binary from ports?

    I installed librsvg2 -2.50 from ports. How can I create a binary and use it in a clean install and not wait 2 hours for compilation?
  12. H

    Other Rust-Lang and C\C++.

    Hello, Is it true that Rust-Lang is a replacement to C\C++? What is the plan of FreeBSD about it? Is it possible that FreeBSD rewritten in Rust-Lang? Thank you.
  13. pcoppock1

    Compiling a Rust Kernel Module

    As part of an undergraduate project at the Georgia Institute of Technology I am attempting to compile a basic kernel module in Rust. I found this GitHub repository:, but the code is three years old, and I ran into an error I don't know how to fix. Since then...
  14. mehrdaddolatkhah

    Fresh User from Linux To FreeBSD Need Help

    Hey Guys, Freshly I start use FreeBSD, actually I dive on FreeBSD :D I need some software for android , kotlin and rust development, and a good virtualization package like virtualbox and genymotion on linux (I have some project that i must ready system for development ASAP), and some reference...
  15. T

    Solved rust-nightly and cargo

    There is lang/rust-nightly and there is devel/cargo. I am building those via poudriere, however cargo seems to always be built with the non-nightly version of cargo. Is there currently a way to get cargo running with rust-nightly via the ports? I would have expected for something like...
  16. T

    Rust packages

    Hi, I'd like to create some rust ports. My major hurdle is that there is no ports/Mk/Uses/ yet and while I am eager to learn stuff my Rust, Porting, Makefile, etc. skills are below what's needed for that. I'd love to add ripgrep, as it is essentially working (compiling, etc.) out of the...