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  1. nxjoseph

    Solved Trying to port Universal Android Debloater

    Hello. There is a tool called "Universal Android Debloater" and it is meant for debloating Android phones. I'm trying to port it but I am getting some errors. The program is written in Rust completely, so i thought it would be easy to port it but i guess there are some libraries/features being...
  2. plexinvise

    Cross-compiling Rust for aarch64 from amd64

    Hi there, I am trying to setup RUST cross compilation and building on AMD64/FreeBSD 14.rc3 for aarch64/FreeBSD 14.rc3. I am very new to cross compilation so not sure what details are needed, please let me know if something is missing. SO I have a project on Rust that I am trying to build for...
  3. cracauer@

    The Case for Rust (in the base system)

    The Case for Rust (in the base system) Note that this is about Rust in the base system for userland programs, not for the kernel (yet :)). From: Alan Somers <> Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2024 16:51:25 UTC...
  4. ScottBeeker

    Anyone Interested in building OS Kernel in Rust??

    Looking for 1 - 3 developers comfortable in Rust that may want to come together for a new multi platform operating system. Androids and Apples eventually Rust.
  5. M

    r/rust post re: Rust malware

    If this is of interest to anyone here, link - Rust Malware Staged on from r/rust r/rust source
  6. T

    Other rust on FreeBSD - correct way to add more targets?

    So I want to use rust on FreeBSD to compile code for microcontrollers. I have both cargo and rustc installed (from packages), I have set up a project to build for a msp430 microcontroller, and try it: tingo@kg-core2:/zs/tingo/personal/projects/2023/rust/embedded/msp430/msp430-g2553 $ cargo...
  7. D

    what we can do with rust is beyond what we can imagine

    Hello when I mentioned that rust can give us a good programming base I said in the way we can implement things, I see the FreeBSD kernel code for example is something very simple and something that can, if written easily. maybe you guys don't like a new idea, but i had a good idea and i need...