1. ronaldlees

    IPFW IPFW rules latency

    I had firefox running. Then in a terminal I added the rule: ipfw add 1001 drop tcp from me to any dst-port 80 setup out via rl0 uid ron Firefox could still visit *any* http site. I exited firefox. I restarted firefox Now firefox could only visit https sites, as I had expected earlier. Is...
  2. G

    Solved PF Fails to Load Ruleset with Jails (lo1 interface)

    This post is for anyone who may be using a jail, and after you set the jail to run at startup, PF rules are not loading (on the host machine). The odd thing that made me scratch my head is that you can manually start it and everything works; something is uniquely happening at startup that is...
  3. S

    IPFW IPFW Rules

    Hi Team, I want to understand the IP firewall rules. Consider the below rule ipfw allow tcp/udp from any to me What this rule will do? What me refers here? Is it IP address of my system that apply firewall rules? Or MAC address of the interface? I am using 4.2 FreeBSD stack. I am trying to...