1. NapoleonWils0n

    rtorrent new config file and syntax

    Hi All rtorrent has a new config file with a new syntax So it won't work with your old rtorrent config file and you need to update your config The new rtorrent sample config file is located here: /usr/local/share/examples/rtorrent/rtorrent.rc backup your existing rtorrent.rc file mv...
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    rtorrent pkg now in repo

    Hi All rtorrent pkg is now in the main repo rtorrent wasn't in the main repo for FreeBSD 12 because of an issue with a perl dependency So I thought I would set up poudriere and build my own version I got poudriere all set up last night and was going to build rtorrent today, but then I did an...
  3. Tu_Vieja

    Software recommendatios for a new(bie) system.

    Greetings, BSDers. In the verge of migrating to a FreeBSD desktop enviroment, I'm looking for some advice about what software is recommended that follow these principles: -"Do one thing and do it well." (The core in UNIX philosophy) -Have a BSD/MIT or any other permissive license. Even if I'm...
  4. rigoletto@

    rtorrent: delete incomplete data only.

    Hi! o/ I am using net-p2p/rtorrent with the "option" to move the completed torrents to another folder. So, the incomplete one stay in the ~/.config/rtorrent/incomplete folder, and when download finish it is moved to ~/Torrentz folder. Sometimes I do remove a incomplete torrent from the...
  5. H


    Could anyone please port "rtorrent-ps" ? Build from source (Debian): https://github.com/pyroscope/rtorrent-ps/blob/master/docs/DebianInstallFromSource.md#build-rtorrent-and-core-dependencies-from-source Screenshot example (from internet): Thanks!