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    RTL8153 compatibility and configuration

    Hello, I've an old Hp Microserver N36L with XigmaNAS (FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE P9). The on board NIC is broken, so until now I used a Intel PCie etc card. All worked fine. I wanted to fresh up a little bit the NAS, so I bought a USB3+gigabit etc card (branded Delock), It has the Realtek...
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    RTL8153 USB NIC help.

    Hello all, So I have been running FreeBSD and OPNsense as a VM's for some time now but due to changes I need to make internally I decided to repurpose an old portable to be the ONSense box, now I know this isn't the OPNsense forum but I believe my issue and question is more of a base system...