1. J

    Configuring IPv6 Unique Local Addresses

    Hello all. I'm attempting to configure IPv6 Unique Local Addresses alongside the existing global addresses that are in use on my home network, as the global addresses are from a dynamic prefix delegation and could change from time to time. I want the ULAs to be handed out statefully using...
  2. Farhan Khan

    Solved rtadvd not sending advertisement packets

    Hi all, I cannot get rtadvd(8) to begin to generate new packets. I have setup rtadvd.conf as follows: epair7b:\ :addr="fd07:7882:b0e3:6d27::"\ :prefixlen#64\ :tc=default\ :rdns="2001:db8:53::1": I am expecting to see rtadvd send out broadcast packets to ff02::1, but nothing is...