1. PenegalECI

    Newsyslog equivalent for logrotate's copytruncate

    Hello, there. I'm trying to configure newsyslog to rotate PostgreSQL logs, but I ran into a problem: PostgreSQL can't be told to reopen its log files, unless by rebooting it, but I can't do that on a production server. Under Linux, it is done using the copytruncate logrotate option, which...
  2. abdelilah

    Solved newsyslog delayed compression

    Hello everyone, How can I achieved delayed compression like the one existing in logrotate, here is my config (I did not find this in the man) : /var/log/apache24/httpd-access.log 644 52 * @T04 J /var/run/ 30 I wish to delay the compression by one day : - Current log. - Rotated...