1. Jake0162

    Solved Rock64, problems with usb webcam setup

    System: Rock64 1GB, FreeBSD 13.0 Release What I'm trying to do: Use ffmpeg to pull a single image from a usb webcam and write it too a directory. Software: libv4l-1.23.0 v4l-utils-1.23.0 v4l_compat-1.23.0 ffmpeg-4.4.2 webcamd- The Issue: I can use the same USB camera from my other...
  2. S

    No USB on Orange Pi R1 Plus (RK3328)

    I followed felix's instructions on this post and now have a working FreeBSD 13-RELEASE-p3 (arm64) system on my Orange Pi R1 Plus with one of the ethernet ports functioning fine. However, the USB (2.0) ports are not working - neither the built in port, nor the ones on the add-on board that came...
  3. S

    Using/Booting FreeBSD on the Firefly RK-3399 SoC

    Hello, I have acquired a Firefly RK-3399 SoC ARM board. I see there is an official u-boot in the ports for this board, however I am unable to build the dtb from /usr/src/sys/gnu/dts/arm64/rockchip/rk3399-firefly.dts (using the dtc utility) (I'm using another machine right now, I'll edit in a...