1. D

    Where's a clean /etc/rc.subr?

    I apparently didn't get a good merge when upgrading from 13.2 to 14.0, and /etc/rc.subr has at least one error: /etc/rc.subr: 992: Syntax error: redirection unexpected (expecting word) I'll go back and see if I can edit the file to work, but it seems like I ought to be able to fetch a copy...
  2. ivanov

    Solved The quest for unencrypted /boot and ZFS native encrypted /

    Hello Free Beastie Besties, I have a two zfs pool root-on-ZFS Debian 12.4 setup: 1G unecrypted `bpool` and 100G zfs native encrypted `rpool . (I got those names from following the framework in this guide...
  3. sdavidb

    jails Jail host on bridge unreachable over TCP (IPv6-only)

    Hello everyone... I'm fairly new to FreeBSD and come from a Linux/Docker background, but I've been amazed and impresed with the jails functionality in this OS. I've deployed a small DevOps/CI stack on a small Intel mini-PC in my home, using IPv4, if_bridge, and iocage. I'm trying to migrate...