1. epopen

    IPv4 /IPv6 preferred of local resolver and modify

    Hi All. I built some jail in my system, and connect each other / from base system. So I added pair of IP address - hostname into /etc/hosts as below ... fd00::ffff: ... Tried by ftp and got result as below. Trying...
  2. BostonDriver

    Help with unbound_local resolution problem

    Hi, I'm having a DNS problem with unbound after upgrading to FreeBSD 12-0 production. I'm using unbound_local as a caching DNS server. My resolve.conf file: # cat /etc/resolv.conf domain nameserver nameserver ::1 options edns0 The problem I see is jabberd2...
  3. Itproman

    Solved FreeBSD 10.2 Fresh Install: Hostname Not Resolving

    I have a fresh FreeBSD 10.2 install. Problem: The hostname is not resolving. Meaning, if I try to log in from another machine on my LAN with ssh if I use the IP address, it works, but the hostname doesn't. I tried adding that machine to the hosts file, as well as another machine beside it, the...