1. leebrown66

    Setup a 2nd sshd instance for testing remote configurations

    Suppose you have a remote machine that you can ssh into. You want to make some changes to the config, but making a mistake could lock you out of the box. This is a technique for setting up a 2nd sshd instance and also how to configure it as a service. Standalone On the server enter...
  2. B

    FreeBSD vboxwebsrv running, but can't connect to it

    I am trying to connect RemoteBox to my (test) FreeBSD host running virtualbox webservice but though; vboxwebsrv is running and sockstat -l -4 shows: (port 18083 is default port) USER COMMAND PID FD PROTO LOCAL ADDRESS FOREIGN ADDRESS guest vboxwebsrv 710 8 tcp4 *:*...
  3. B

    How to configure VirtualBox WebService?

    Is there anybody who can tell me how I can configure the VirtualBox Webservice to work with RemoteBox? The vBox manual only explains more or less how to do it on Linux by setting parameters to the /etc/default/virtualbox. But that file does not exist in FreeBSD. And I suppose I have to set...