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    Encrypted root with unencrypted preboot and reboot -r

    Hi there! Been working with linux for many years and recently started to learn FreeBSD and really loved it. I'm trying to create a fully encrypted setup with the possibility to unlock the drive remotely (e.g. using SSH). I know about the possibility to leave the base system and encrypt user...
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    Can only ssh remotely with new hostname, not on local wifi

    I just set up port forwarding (port 22) on my router (ip of Now I can ssh into my server (ip of remotely (from another internet connection) using its new static domain name I made with the service. However that new host name doesn't work when I'm on the...
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    Script to shutdown remote system?

    Ultimately, I want to shutdown a freebsd box from my android (there are lots of android apps to run scripts). I do not want to be prompted for a password. One step at a time, first I just want to shut down the remote from another freebsd box. The following did not work: #!/bin/sh ssh -t...
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    Solved Installing FreeBSD from recovery mode

    Hello! I just signed up here and I hope I am posting my question to the right place. I am trying to install FreeBSD from recovery mode because my provider doesn't provide FreeBSD in their templates (sadly). I followed the instructions from here...