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    [PfSense] CARP protocol since FreeBSD 14.0

    Hello there, I'm new in this forum, sorry if my message is not in the correct category. I'm using FreeBSD 14.0 with pfSense plus 23.05. I have 2 nodes (2 NetGate 7100 routers) in redundancy with CARP VIPs on several interfaces. One node is master called "RT1" and the other one in backup...
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    Redundence storage network NFS/Vmware

    Hi FreeBSD forum Great forum I´am working on a FreeBSD ZFS/NFS storage solutations for VMware. My problem is how to make redundency storage Network between the Storage and vmware (ESXI) host right. I have created a simpel Network diagram (Network.png) (The management Network is no problem :) -...