1. Chris_H

    how to best run a master and recursive DNS on same box?

    This question really feels like it belongs in the Network fourm. But the description for Services indicates it belongs here. So here goes... OK I've run a single DNS to provide recursive queries for all the local servers. Which are all DNS Masters/SOA's for a multitude of domains. But traffic...
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    zfs incremental recursive replication to usb drive

    Im trying to make an incremental backup of my zfs root pool from my laptop to an external usb drive as a live file system, rather like an rsync backup im already using rsync to back up my home to a nas, and want to use zfs snapshots to back up root and child directories In a nutshell i create...
  3. G

    Searching issue

    Hi everybody! First up, sorry for my bad English. I don't found a simply way to collect the Apache errorlog's old directories... I have FreeBSD 9.1 with Bash. The Apache error logs are within each domain directory (for the users): /domains/[domain]/errorlog/[YEAR]/[month]/[day] I need a...