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    Major upgrade to release 14 resulted in loss of network connectivity because Realtek driver had to be installed again

    I don't currently have an issue, it was resolved by applying applying the solution here. I am trying to understand why the Realtek ethernet driver had to be installed again after a major upgrade to release 14. For a future major upgrade, what is the best way to ensure that I don't lose the...
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    Wake on LAN don't work (Realtek RTL 8125 2.5Gbps LAN controller)

    Hello everyone! I new member in FreeBSD 13.1 amd64 and faced with issue wake on lan don't work on my PC config: Motherboard MSI H510I Pro Wi-Fi CPU Intel Celeton G5905 RAM 4Gb*2 planks (total 8 Gb) Hard drives, 1*4TiB, 2*2TiB, SSD M.2 1*256GiB Hard disk controllers - Jonsbo N1 Realtek® 8125B...