1. D

    Solved Lost GUI and SSH on upgrading to 13.2 - advice on how you would proceed

    TL:dR; After upgrading to 13.2 STABLE from 12.4, everything was fine for a day. But now I have lost the GUI (was XFCE4) and cannot SSH in. Where would you start troubleshooting this? I would be truly grateful for any advice you may have. For example, try and get SSH working, the desktop...
  2. Dwerva

    xrdp file copy/paste works for root but not users

    Hello all, I do not post this request for help lightly. There are very few problems I cannot solve myself but this one has had me stumped for a week now. This smells of a permissions issue but damned if I can find it. Does anyone have a direction they can point me in that I may be missing...
  3. JozanOfAstora

    Solved Remote desktop control

    Hi! I am not sure this is the right forum to post in but here's what I need: I have set up a monitoring server running FreeBSD 13.1-RC5 for my company attached to a big TV screen. Xorg is running on it, displaying various monitoring apps. I'd like my colleges and mylself to be able to remote...
  4. C

    xrdp in jail

    I've set up a jail, installed the latest xrdp from ports (and later also tried the current version from github), but my session immediately disconnects after I attempt a connection via remmina. The logs don't tell me much - session manager tells me, that the session just ended unexpectedly...
  5. J

    IPFW RDP protocol

    Hello lads, I've came further with my config of Softether VPN and IPFW. I'm in place where I want to allow RDP to only 1 IP, let' say it's: I add a rule: allow tcp from any to 3389 out via $iif setup keep-state I'm able to telnet 3389 but can't RDP...
  6. M

    ssh change to rdp :/

    hi everyone i m new on forum. i want ask a question.ihave a problem how can i change ssh place to rdp in googlecloudplatform please can you help me ? _