1. K

    jails Allow jailed system to access USB device

    Good evening! I am having trouble understanding what to add to my /etc/devfs.rules in order to allow a jail to access USB devices. It is about a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running FreeBSD 13.0p4 RELEASE, I would like to set up a jail that runs comms/dump1090, which takes input data from a SDR-RTL USB...
  2. eternal_noob

    Solved Firefox tabs crash on Raspberry Pi

    No question, just posting the solution for Firefox's (www/firefox-esr) massive suffering from tab crashes when running it on arm64 on a Raspberry Pi. Took me 2 weeks to find out that the internal WebGL engine does not like the software (only) rendering of the xf86-video-scfb driver. Solution...
  3. M

    ZFS What do you do when there is no gdisk command?

    I brought a ZFS pool from an AMD64 machine over to a Raspberry PI 4 and it wouldn't import the pool, claiming some metadata was corrupted. Pool serves as a backup to my main computer, so I just recreated it and it's physically fine, but I just noticed in system messages the primary GPT table is...
  4. maks

    FreeBSD works slow on Raspberry Pi

    Hi community I have tried to use FreeBSD 12.1 on my Pi3 and found out that it works two times slowly then Raspbian Linux for the same tasks. Here is the results below. p.s. I think it happens because the FreeBSD does not switch the CPU to "Turbo" mode and as a fact it works really slow...
  5. T

    GUI embedded software Rapsian os

    Hello, I am new to this community FreeBSD. I've read a lot article for FreeBSD. It's very secure and efficient operating system. Recently, I started working on new project. I'm building Raspberry Pi 4 embedded device. but the problem is that I can't able to edit operating system Raspbian OS. My...
  6. uzsolt

    kodi doesn't play video files with ac3 audio on RPi

    I created a bug report about it: 227241. I copy from report: I've a Raspberry Pi B+. I'm using FreeBSD 11.1 on it. The Kodi doesn't play some videos and it seems the "bad" videos are videos which contains ac3 audio (avi, mkv). The video starts but with blank (black) screen (can't see any video)...
  7. W

    issues - Raspberry PI 3 as a router with 4 additional USB network cards

    Hi, I have problems there. System: FreeBSD 12 Hardware: Raspberry PI 3 + 4x USB Ethernet AX88179 I have the problem that with each reboot all UE USB network adapters are remixing and therefore are no longer useful. I can not always change the config for the entire network and rearrange all 5...
  8. A

    Raspberry hangs on "pkg upgrade"

    Hi! I have RPi with freebsd installed on it version 11. I made an image with crochet. I didn't install powerd. When I ran "pkg upgrade" and system become upgrading over 50 packages, RPi hangs and didn't respond on any commands untill I made hard reboot. It happens, when large package being...
  9. Brutanas

    Solved omxplayer on raspberry pi

    Hello everyone! I am trying to install omxplayer on my rasberry pi V2 from ports, since I could not find the package available. I believe I am prety close to the end after near 48 hours of instalation... :-| Unfortunately I got the following error: Can someone please give an hint on how to...
  10. Brutanas

    Solved NTFS signature is missing

    Hello everyone! I was a FreeBSD user more than ten years ago. Since then I didn't touch it... Now I am trying to comeback with a raspberry py 2. So far I am enjoying very much! :-) # uname -a FreeBSD raspito 11.0-STABLE FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE #0 r309771: Sat Dec 10 06:15:58 UTC 2016...
  11. aragats

    GPIO Interrupts handling (ARM)

    How to handle GPIO interrupts on BeagleBoard, Raspberry Pi etc. from the user space? That's under TODO at: https://wiki.freebsd.org/FreeBSD/GPIO although the page was edited 1.5 years ago.