1. LibreQuest

    Solved Adding an OpenBSD feature to my boot loader

    I would like input on how I could add a live disk to my boot loader, similar to OpenBSD ramdisk. Other than leaving a live disk on USB in a USB port, would there be an easy way to do this? I find the feature to present some interesting options for disk management. EDIT: I wanted to add a...
  2. Dogers

    Solved Crontab - Create ramdisk at launch fails.

    Greetings everyone. I want to create a memory disk for testing purpose automatically every-time I launch my FreeBSD workstation. Everything I have tried has failed. But it comes probably from me since I am a totally beginner at using cron. Here is what I have done until here : -Created a...
  3. T

    Other How would I load root image into memory-backed fs and run the system from that?

    I am using tmpfs for /tmp and that made a significant difference in chromium as well as other apps that use it, but would essentially like to use it for /. The logical steps I can think of are: 1. create root image, optional compression 2. extract root image contents into memory backed device...
  4. C

    Squid cache on RAM drive: good thing and possible?

    Hello all, my FreeBSD 11.4 box is working as a firewall (3 lan segments), dhcp/dns server and caching proxy with URL filtering (squid with squidGuard). This is on "plain" hardware: just a i5 4570 with a single HDD. The 8gb squid cache is on a separate 10Gb partition, to minimize UFS...