1. LVLouisCyphre

    ZFS Migration from RAIDZ1 to RAIDZ2; is it possible?

    I've tried some basic searches for this. I haven't found a concrete answer. What I want to be able to do is do a base install as RAIDZ1 then drop another identical drive in and convert or resilver the array to a RAIDZ2. Feasible or fool's journey? If it's feasible; how do you do it? ZFS...
  2. mg16373

    ZFS zfs - Filesystem-Migration - That's right?

    I'm not a newbie on ZFS but I have never used before a RAIDZ2 pool. Now I have migrated two VMs to another host. The capacity on the destination pool has grown by the factor of two :eek: I know that a RAIDZ2 setup needs more capacity but the output of "zfs list" is a little bit curious. I hope...
  3. C

    GPT Rejected - how to wipe for ZFS?

    I'm setting up a RAIDZ2 pool on a NAS I've built and I have one disk throwing the "GPT Invalid or corrupt" error. As I understand it, I can use ZFS on raw disks without partitioning and would prefer, if possible, to just remove the partition table on this disk (or all of my disks, for that...