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    ZFS Help me understand raidz1-1

    Hi I am a Data Recovery engineer and this is my first post here and also the first time I work on raidz, I got a customer needs to recover data from damaged NAS storage with 36 hard drives. I have a good experience recovering data from Other types of raid like 5, 10 etc, but this is my first...
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    Solved Fresh install, zfs i/o error - all block copies unavailable

    Fresh install, Encrypted raidz, 5 disks. Boot fails at error: zfs i/o error - all block copies unavailable What could cause this? I've reinstalled several times and same fault every time. FreeBSD has worked before with this same computer. Booted up with Ubuntu-live and disks seems to be OK.
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    Solved Create first raidz or encryption?

    I'm trying to create encrypted raidz, but how? If I understand correctly, I need to encrypt every disk before creating zpool, like this: % sudo gpart add -t...
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    ZFS Replacing entire pool?

    I would like to replace all 3 spinning drives of a raidz pool with (smaller) SSDs: the smaller SSDs will still be more than adequate for my storage needs, and should be significantly faster. The system has a limited number of SATA ports (4): 1 is in use for the system drive (which is already an...
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    ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable

    Followed this tutorial on my machine with four disk. shows following error File /boot/loader not found