1. zeRusski

    Solved Hot swap drive behind hardware RAID 0 (JBOD)

    Hi. Could someone please teach me how to hot swap a drive inside a hot-swap enclosure. Specifically, Dell PowerEdge R720, H710 card hardware raid but all drives running JBOD style, so each is its own RAID-0. Note that this isn't a case of replacing a failed drive, rather I wrote data I needed...
  2. Zamana

    ZFS ZFS: building "RAID1" with a "RAID0" that has previous data

    Hi! I'm sorry if I don't use the proper ZFS jargon... I would like to build a "RAID0 (concat)" first, put some data in it, and then build a second "RAID0 (concat)", and then create a "RAID1 (mirror)" in order to have the data on the first RAID0 mirrored to the second one, all of this using...