1. T

    Racoon VPN to Strongswan VPN

    Hello, I am currently using Racoon to setup VPN tunnels but after starting to use AWS I realized that they provide support for Strongswan. I want to transition into Strongswan from Racoon; is it possible to run both simultaneously in the transition? Or must I remove Racoon configurations and...
  2. G

    Solved FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE - L2TP/IPSEC VPN Client with MPD5/Racoon

    Hello, I have two servers at two different locations running FreeBSD-12.1-RELEASE, L2TP/IPSEC VPN servers with Racoon & MPD5. They both work great and allow MAC/Windows/iPhones to connect. I'm also trying to set up Server A to do a connect to Server B as an L2TP/IPSEC Client and...
  3. T

    Freebsd Racoon setkey configuration?

    When configuring Setkey to add Security Policy Database for AWS tunnels I understand that I should let the kernel know what traffic I want to get encrypted. And so I added my internal network to go to the remote VPC (AWS) network and the other way around. For example: spdadd
  4. Donald Baud

    IPsec IKEV2 setup works but where is the interface?

    I setup a simple IPsec IKEv2 vpn. it works fine but how do I get detail about the network information? - Where is the interface tun0 or gif0 or whatever is holding the VPN client's IPs - Where is the routing table stored?, I can't see anything different on netstat -rn - I still...
  5. part1zan_

    After IPSec is set up, the L2TP client cannot connect to the server

    Dear all, I have set up an L2TP server using mpd5, and it works fine. However, when I switch IPSec (ipsec-tools) on, the client doesn't seem to be able to connect to the server: it looks like the server doesn't get any packets from the client. The IPSec configs follow: Client setkey.conf...