1. N

    pkg install rabbitmq

    Hello, I wanted to install the RabbitMQ broker on the purchased server. I tried a command like "pkg install rabbitmq" but it didn't help. I don't have root access, but I know pkg is loaded (v1.16.3). FreeBSD (v12.2-RELEASE-p5). The only commands that are available are: pkg: not enough arguments...
  2. vermaden

    RabbitMQ Cluster on FreeBSD Containers

    I really like small and simple dedicated solutions that do one thing well and do it really good – maybe its because I like UNIX that much. Good example of such approach is Minio object storage which implements S3 protocol with distributed clustering, erasure code and builtin web interface along...
  3. vermaden

    HOWTO: RabbitMQ Cluster on FreeBSD Containers

    I would like to share HOWTO about RabbitMQ Cluster on FreeBSD. RabbitMQ Cluster on FreeBSD Containers https://vermaden.wordpress.com/2019/06/05/rabbitmq-cluster-on-freebsd-containers/ #verblog #amqp #cluster #containers #freebsd #go #HA #jails #rabbitmq