1. wayne47

    Possible bugs with quotas in 12.0-RELEASE-p11.

    I have been fighting with quotas in jails and have found a number of inconsistencies with quotas and associated commands on both the host system and the jails. In prior releases, I have successfully deployed jails supporting quotated users with ezjail. I'm looking to move to 12.x and have been...
  2. S

    ZFS 11.1-RELEASE-p1: ZFS userquota, NFS quotas and quota(1)

    I'm attempting to set up a machine as an NFS server with the data being stored on a ZFS filesystem. I've been doing this for nearly ten years on our Solaris 10 servers, which this new server is eventually going to replace, and we need to use the userquota facility to manage user's storage...