1. Brontosaurus

    Other quirks=0x3<4K,NCQ_TRIM_BROKEN>

    Hi everybody, I'm a new FreeBSD user, I recently installed FreeBSD 13.2p8 on an old Thinkpad T400 laptop with a "Samsung 850 EVO" SSD, I found the following lines in my dmesg: ada0 at ahcich0 bus 0 scbus0 target 0 lun 0 ada0: <Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB EMxxxxxx> ACS-2 ATA SATA 3.x device...
  2. Incnis Mrsi

    “CAM status: Auto-Sense Retrieval Failed” with Norelsys NS1081

    Ī̲ tried to install 14.0 (namely, FreeBSD-14.0-CURRENT-amd64-20230120-43703bc489ec-260163-memstick.img) from a memory card inserted into Norelsys NS1081 cardreader. More precisely, into a USB-C multi-functional adapter connected to a desktop PC via a USB-A/USB-C connector and having (among other...
  3. aZ

    ZFS quirks=0x1<4K> for logical 512, physical 512, why?

    Hi, I don't understand why SSD's that have 512 sector size (logical and physical) have quirks=0x1<4K> mode? For example Samsung SSD 840-850 family. Gpart thinking that SSD is 4k, then zfs thinking that SSD is 4k (ashift: 12). TRIM working really slow with deleting 20GB+ files (L(q) in gstat...