1. BaronBS

    Question about /usr

    Do you guys know?
  2. nobrowser

    email everything from watched forums?

    Hi, I have "watched" a few of the forums and selected notifications by email. But it seems I got an email only for the first message in each new thread in those forums. I'd much prefer to get an email *for each new message* - basically handle the forums as read-only mailing lists, until I need...
  3. M

    Solved Is Vulkan supported on the radeonkms kernel module?

    I want to install a Vulkan SDK on FreeBSD. I tried installing almost every package listed in the last post of this thread using this Linux Vulkan installation tutorial as a guide on a Radeon HD 6310, which uses the radeonkms kernel module. The packages installed successfully, but starting...
  4. R

    C Creating a virtual environment for C programs

    I am having fun learning the C language, however, coming from Python, there is a feature that I really like. And that's virtualenvs which isolates packages you use in your program from your main system. This is really helpful for me. As an example, last day I needed a package that would help me...
  5. Ekynox360

    Solved Difference freebsd-boot efi partitions

    Hello everyone! 👋 I'm discovering FreeBSD so I'm starting to read some literature about this system. I often see in documents a partition entitled freebsd-boot which weighs 512KB for efi boot. On my virtual machine, I rather see a 200MB efi partition. What's the difference between them and why...
  6. M

    Questions about loader.conf

    I found this interesting line in /boot/defaults/loader.conf: acpi_video_load="NO" # Load the ACPI video extension driver What does it do? Anybody has list of how these logos look like? loader_logo="orbbw" # Desired logo: orbbw, orb, fbsdbw, beastiebw, beastie, none...
  7. sku1d

    Solved Question about disk encryption: Why the master key always gets stored on the encrypted disk?

    I have read a lot about gbde, geli and dm-crypt under linux, but a question remains: Why would iI store my master key on the disk? Seriously! Anybody could rip the metadata off the disk in no time and brute force the password in a cluster without even having additional encrypted sample data...