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    xen Cannot figure out Mouse0 and X server in FreeBSD StandaloneVM

    Hi FreeBSD Folks! I cannot seem to figure out setting up X11 and the USB mouse with my FreeBSD 13.1 Standalone VM in Qubes OS. I had similar problems with the mouse in a GhostBSD VM, so I know both have something common going on with the mouse here. Relevant errors when running startx >...
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    quBSD - A New Jails and bhyve Wrapper That Emulates Qubes

    It's been quite a few months in the making, but I believe I have something good enough to share with the community. It's written in shell, based on zfs, and uses the underlying FreeBSD tools. Here's a summary of features: All workloads are run inside of jails GUI jails! Comes with a...