1. C

    Setting up Bluetooth

    I'm new to FreeBSD, coming from Linux. I have the Qualcomm Atheros AR9565/QCA9565, which provides both WiFi and Bluetooth. WiFi works fine since the installation, so I'm guessing the correct driver & firmware are there. However, when I try to run `$ service bluetooth start`, I get There's no...
  2. P

    Mobile device type: FreeBSD?

    Hi all, Apologies in advance for being unsure where best to post. I've recently noticed upon reviewing my home network that my VZW Samsung S7 smg930v appears as type: 'FreeBSD' rather than 'Samsung Galaxy' or 'unknown'. This lead me here. I wonder if this is anything to be concerned about...
  3. Timidouveg

    Can I install Linux version of ath10k on freeBSD ?

    Hello everyone :) I'm a fresh user of FreeBSD from Windows. I installed the version 10.3 on my new computer by livecd which I burnt. I need to install a driver for my network card (Qualcomm Atheros - QCA6174), but this is ath10k and the FreeBSD port is not ready actualy. Can I install...
  4. Z

    Can't set up wifi

    The command "pciconf -lv | grep -B3 network" outputs two things. One being my Ethernet device and the other my Qualcomm Atheros device. Qualcomm Atheros: Device: QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter Class: network ifconfig doesn't seem to detect my wireless device. What can I do to...
  5. zoujiaqing

    Qualcomm s820 processors

    When very many hardware devices are based on S820. FreeBSD will not increase support in this regard? ARCH: arm64 / A72 GPU: Adreno530 RAM: DDR4 Storage: UFS 2.0