1. csptra

    explanation of changelog needed for qmail-spamcontrol and question

    hello I was wondering if someone could explain the below that is taken from https://www.freshports.org/mail/qmail-spamcontrol/ "TLSREMOTE, NEWLINE, and BIGTODO are now mandatory upstream and have been removed as options." Does this mean that the reason the latest qmail-spamcontrol doesn't...
  2. csptra

    qmail and tcpserver tcp.smtp

    Hello, This is a two part question, I am trying to scour google / the internet for all the different options you can use in /etc/tcp.smtp. I am finding bits and pieces, but I get the feeling that there are more out there or I don't understand something. I have checked these two out...
  3. C

    qmail - the 2nd most hated MTA on the internet

    I used to be able to make mail/qmail work with mail/vpopmail, but it's been a while. Are these ports broken, or have I unlearnt something in the intervening years? Specifically, I am totally unable to make roaming users or auth_smtp work, no matter what I try. Just trying to get some mail...