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    Initial Install (memory/hba)

    I was wondering what the max supported memory configuration for FreeBSD 13.1 amd64? I am getting memory errors with 256G (RAM parity error) and yes I did a memory test and everything checks out. In addition, from the supported hardware link the following HBA is supported: Qlogic...
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    Other Qle2562 FC HBA Support on FreeBSD 11.3

    Hi Everyone, I am absolutely new with FreeBSD and looking for installing drivers for QLe2562 HBA . Can you help me with installing the drivers for this in FreeBSD 11.3 please. My Adapter details from the host pciconf are pciconf -lv none18@pci0:4:0:0: class=0x0c0400 card=0x015d1077...