1. L

    Which EtherTypes are recognized for 802.1AD / QinQ ?

    Hi all, 802.1AD defines the EtherType / TPID as 0x88A8. FreeBSD supports 802.1AD (QinQ tagging), see https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?ifconfig(8) -> vlanproto Before IEEE passed 802.1AD , there were proprietary standards for VLAN stacking, often called 802.1QinQ or similar. Sometimes...
  2. blind0ne

    QinQ experience (VLAN VPN)

    Hi, I'm currently trying to search around and build scheme with QinQ implemented. My question for people already familiar with such "double tagged" frames concept. How It is done in the nutshell, is this 2 tags are originated from access layer switch (The switch were client is connected), or...