1. N

    Solved build cloud image using package

    Hi, I want to build a cloud image (qcow2) from pkg so many good tools available which can use for creating a cloud-ready image, I am using kiwi tools to build RedHat and Debian Linux, now looking similar utility to build the image. Thanks, Nk
  2. Martin Garcia

    ZFS How do I shrink or extend my ZFS filesystem?

    Hello, I have some FreeBSDs running as vm over KVM/QEMU QCOW2 Hypervisor. They are running great. However I would like to reduce or extend my ZFS (virtual) disk. I know how to extend it with XFS and using GPARTED and LVM. But have no idea howto on ZFS How can I achieve this? Thanks for your...
  3. Martin Garcia

    Solved Trim unused blocks on qcow2 thin provisiones virtual machine

    Hello again, I'm new to FreeBSD Currently I have some FreeBSD (ZFS) VMs running great on KVM. This VMs were virt-sparsified or thin-provisioned, however, in time, there were some GB files in and out ###This is the current size of my FreeBSD VM -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 425G jul 24 00:56...
  4. L

    Physical or emulated hardware casing FreeBSD to not boot?

    Hello FreeBSD world, Please pardon my ignorance and anything crass I might have typed out, but I cannot seem to get FreeBSD (11 and 10.3) to boot past the 'Booting...' text from either the ISO or the QCOW2 image file for QEMU/KVM (yes I extracted it first) using QEMU/KVM. I ran checksums on...
  5. persistent_ignoramus

    pkg problem, possible error in 9.3-amd-qcow install image

    Hello, I've installed 9.3 amd64 virtual (qcow) in qemu. # /usr/sbin/pkg gives an error, while #cat /var/db/pkg/repo-FreeBSD.sqlite shows ... INTEGER,end_block INTEGER,root BLOB,PRIMARY KEY(level, idx))~*33#tablepkg_search_segmentspkg_search_segments1CREATE TABLE 'pkg_search_segments'(blockid...