1. marcelohsp

    Error trying to install pgadmin4

    Hello, I'm using FreeBSD 14.0 on my laptop. I've just installed postgresql16 and I'm following this tutorial: When I try to run 'pip install pgadmin4', I got this error: I've ran 'pip install psutils, the python library was...
  2. codetrotter

    Unable to update python39 on Raspberry Pi

    I keep getting this error. Is the package itself broken? Even after I clean out /var/cache/pkg and run pkg upgrade again I get the same error [36/38] Fetching sqlite3-3.41.2,1.pkg: 100% 1 MiB 1.1MB/s 00:01 [37/38] Fetching glib-2.76.2,2.pkg: 100% 3 MiB 3.5MB/s 00:01...