1. gpw928

    ATX Case Cooling

    It's summer again in Australia. There's no A/C in my office. I have switched the PWM fans in my ZFS server to manual over-ride, running flat out. But ther airflow is uneven. It's early morning, and ambient is 15 degrees C. Extracting from smartctl --log=scttemphist /dev/da?: da0 2021-12-17...
  2. comarius

    PWM on Beaglebone FreeBSD

    Hi, I flashed FreeBSD (latest) on a Beaglebone Black. There are no PWM's whatsoever, though some GPIO's, I2C, ADC are enabled. How do I get started to enable at least few PWM's pins as P9_21, P9_14, P9_16, P9_22, P8_7, P8_10 FreeBSD generic 13.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT r351363 GENERIC...
  3. Nicola Mingotti

    how to fix PWM tunable name to ehrpwm.1

    Hi, In my Beablebone Black, FreeBSD-12, i created two overlays, pwm.dtso and pwm1.dtso. They enable the PWM pin p9.21, p9.22 and respectively p9.14, p9.16. DTSO files are below. If I load both the DTBOs at boot I see correctly ehrpwm.0 and ehrpwm.1, associated to the correct pins. But, if i...