power failure

  1. BaronBS

    Solved How to fix GEOM error?

    Guys I changed my disks in my T430 to make a better backup routine. Before I had a strip with 3 ssd's with 1 tb each. I changed to root in a 240gb, home in a 1tb, and I left 1tb for dual booting with OBSD. And the last 1tb I took out of the note and put it in a case for external use. Everything...
  2. G

    System doesn't boot in multi user mode

    After an incorrect shutdown of the computer, the system enters single-user mode at startup.
  3. Rastko

    Server down, can't repair

    So I had my server up and running for two months. It's a home computer Dell Optiplex (or something) with Pentium 4. Well, it did not actually make it two months. After a month and some, I could not log in. When I hooked up a keyboard and monitor, I've realised it won't go past the boot loader...
  4. poorandunlucky

    Solved When a build is interrupted...

    Should you delete the work dir, or is it safe to resume? Like, do the build scripts take into consideration the start and stop of the build of a file, or does it just know what files have an output? Like there's a.h a.c That's going to make a.o, right? I think... Does the script know that...